Our mission is lasting impact, we want to make a difference by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy. From our office in Utrecht we provide services to both the private and public sector.Our services include research and analysis, policy advice, fund raising, project management, network management and event management. We invent new programs, services, and business models, and we help our partners build their in-house innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. Our style is provocative and passionate. CreativeMV’s clients range from SME’s to high profile corporations, government agencies, local and regional authorities, universities, NGO’s, EU institutions and trade associations. Through the delivery of a wide and varied portfolio of quality research and project management assignments, the company is recognized for its leading expertise on SMEs, the creative industries and cultural sector, coupling professional frontline knowledge with an informed appreciation of the strategic and political issues for the sectors. Our multilingual team are highly experienced in fields that require specialist knowledge and skills.

Our areas of specialisation include:

  • Economic development strategy (advice for regions, cities, states)
  • Cultural development strategy (advice for regions, cities, states)
  • Project management
  • Corporate plans / business development
  • Inspiration sessions and masterclasses (Global trends, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship etc)
  • Online and offline development programs and instruments (to develop skills like entrepreneurship)
  • SMEs
  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Trade, cooperation, development
  • Education, labour market
  • Access to EU funding


Mariël Voogel

Founder & CEO

Mariël Voogel is the founder and CEO of CreativeMV. Voogel had 15 years experience in the world of culture, creative industries, entrepreneurship and innovation.

She is a specialist in (culture) economics, the development of entrepreneurial skills and incubator programs. She has led a wide range of strategy and development programs and set up the first Dutch fund for Microcredit in The Netherlands.

She advices numerous public and private bodies on the formulation of strategies in the field of economic development, innovation, culture and creative industry and SME policies. She graduated in Arts policy and management from the university of Utrecht (MA).

Our beautiful city

The historical locations in the old city centre form the vibrant part of Utrecht. Many of the majestic city castles have been rebuilt into hotels and restaurants and the old storage areas along the wharf are now the place to be for cosy cafés, trendy retail concepts and restaurants. The Dutch Film Festival takes place in Utrecht, and Utrecht University is the best research university of The Netherlands. So our office is based in a city full of heritage, culture, and state of the art science.

Social involvement in creativity and entrepreneurship

We take pride in putting our skills to work for the benefit of others, by supporting various initiatives aimed at promoting creativity and entrepreneurship. We are involved directly by:


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