Creative Industry

Despite the considerable potential of Cultural and creative industries (CCIs), they remain undervalued and unrecognised, especially in terms of their ability to access start-up capital and financing. The challenges facing CCIs are compounded by a lack of clear evidence and information in the sector. CreativeMV gives advice to governments on policies and initiatives to develop the entrepreneurial skills of CCIs, to promote market access for and investment in CCIs, and by promoting innovation in education.

Policy from the essence

The strength of the sector is in the ability to innovate and create value: creative companies develop innovative ideas, products, services, systems, strategies and methods. Creative companies are able to view complex issues and social challenges in ways that others had not yet thought of. This allows developing creative entrepreneurial innovation of high -profile and popular products and services. On this value the crossover sector focuses in the next few years.

What we can do for you

CreativeMV supports municipalities, regions, nations and platforms in the vision and strategy development in the culture and creative industries.
We have the role of initiator, program manager or policy adviser. With a background in the industry , government and business services we understand the perspective from various parties. We are strong in order to connect these parties and to work together on a common vision and results.

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Mariël Voogel
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Our expertise: Creative entrepreneurship

Working on a creative product, does not stop at its creation. The actual creation of a value on social, economic or cultural fields is associated with entrepreneurial behavior. We help governments, organizations, art academies and businesses in the creative sector to develop entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurship. Read more or contact us directly.

Project management

Are you looking for someone who can develop or manage a program or project? Then you’ve come to the right place. We write project and funding plans. Result oriented and properly completed. We have years of experience in various sectors, including the public sector and education. Read more or contact us directly.