Culture & Tourism

Global tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. Tourism has a wide-ranging impact on growth, employment and social development. Challenges are security and safety, technology, economic competitiveness and changing markets. Having the right combination of tourism policies is critical for sustainable tourism growth. CreativeMV can help governments and organizations create policies that help meet the goals of the destination.

Tourism needs culture

Tourism needs culture. The attractive cities and counties, each with its own distinctive cultural attractions are a major attraction. More and more we see that through retail, hospitality and attractions the needs of the influx can be satisfied. Mixing functions and hospitality principle is becoming increasingly important.

Area marketing

As local government you have the important task to create a city that flourishes, where people want to live, with sufficient facilities and where companies can continue their business and grow. Boosting employment is very important to you. For you as an entrepreneur (s) it is increasingly important to attract visitors and to respond to trends, developments and changes in society.
A clear vision for the area and (city) marketing is from this premise not indispensable. That can not be otherwise, because as a region, municipality, shopping area or business area you are dealing with an increasing competition from neighboring cities. The importance to stand out is increasing.

Policy from the essence

CreativeMV supports and advises on the vision and strategy development in tourism and culture.
We work together from the very essence of an area. We explain this connection between residents, businesses, industry associations and the government. And the implementation of processes often requires cooperation and pooling of resources.
As initiator, program manager or policy advisor we work mostly for the cooperation between these organisations.

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Our expertise: Creative Industry

Do you want policies aimed at the Creative Industries? Do you want to encourage more cross-overs or create the right investment climate to attract creative businesses and let it be a part of economic policy? We can advise you! Read more or contact us directly.

Our expertise: Creative entrepreneurship

Working on a creative product, does not stop at its creation. The actual creation of a value on social, economic or cultural fields is associated with entrepreneurial behavior. We help governments, organizations, art academies and businesses in the creative sector to develop entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurship. Read more or contact us directly.

Project management

Are you looking for someone who can develop or manage a program or project? Then you’ve come to the right place. We write project and funding plans. Result oriented and properly completed. We have years of experience in various sectors, including the public sector and education. Read more or contact us directly.