Economic development

Creating a business friendly environment and an entrepreneurial ecosystem for existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and potential entrepreneurs is most important for economic growth. We advise governments in developing SME-friendly policies and programmes to stimulate, support, and monitor the progress and effects.

Questions to ask

The aging population, technological developments, urbanization, changing need for the planning of space, the growing scarcity of raw materials, pressures on public expenditure: these are just some of the challenges that await answers. How can governments optimally respond to future developments? Is today’s policy sufficiency for tomorrow’s economy? How do we stimulate research and innovation? These questions are central to our work.

Priorities for tomorrow

On what new scientific and / or technological developments should you focus today? In what areas can your region become a real global player?
Through foresight studies and supporting regions in “smart specialization” with its own DNA as a starting point, CreativeMV helps governments, industry associations and companies towards tomorrow’s economy.
Globalization and technological advances continuously change the context of reflection on competitiveness. Global value chains and regional ecosystems are just a few recent developments. Sectors are increasingly hybrider. What policy supports the development of competitive enterprises, local anchoring of economic activities and transforms the economy? CreativeMV has extensive expertise in sectoral and regional competitiveness.

Policy from the essence

CreativeMV supports and advises on the economic vision and strategy development. We work together from the very essence of an area. We explain this connection between residents, businesses, industry associations and the government. And the implementation of processes often requires cooperation and pooling of resources.
As initiator, program manager or policy advisor we work mostly for the cooperation between these organizations.

Contact Expert:

Mariël Voogel
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Our expertise: Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Over more than 15 years we develop instruments, policies and programs for the development of entrepreneurship of SMEs, start-ups and established entrepreneurs. These experiences have led to insights that work and are effective. We like to share these experiences with you. Read more of contact us directly.

Our expertise: Innovation Policy

A blueprint for innovation does not exist. Innovation policy is linked to global developments, and time and place. The present ecosystem is essential to the success of innovation. This means that policies should depend on the culture of the country or region where innovation must be encouraged and facilitated. We advise governments in their choices in regulation and the agenda for the policy programs. Read more or contact us directly.

Policy and Programs

Through foresight and support of regions in “smart specialization” with its own DNA as a starting point, CreativeMV helps governments, industry associations and companies towards tomorrow’s economy. We deliver future visions, policy (and interim policy advisors) and policy programs. Read more or contact us directly.

Project management

Are you looking for someone who can develop or manage a program or project? Then you’ve come to the right place. We write project and funding plans. Result oriented and properly completed. We have years of experience in various sectors, including the public sector and education. Read more or contact us directly.