In a world where what you do now can quickly lose its value and become irrelevant, the issue is increasingly what you do next. Think about the speed of change in the external world. Think about the intensity of global competition. Think about the bargaining power of today’s customers. It is time for a new set of eyes, a re-focuse and a re-strategy for the new economy. We help companies and governments worldwide with their strategy to stay relevant in the future.
We also provide keynotes and training to inspire you and to stimulate your innovation process.

Innovation Policy

In the context of economic policy is the goal for many governments the same: more companies; job creation; strong international competitiveness; more innovation, all in relation with a lively and liveable environment for citizens.

The aim to strengthen the innovation capacity and competitiveness stems from the need for prosperity and welfare. The wealthier a country, the more productive firms must be to remain competitive in order to grow, increase wages and prosperity. The elimination of trade barriers and the rise of countries such as Brazil, India and China ensure that companies in Europe, not only on price and functional quality need to distinguish.

New, unique products and services are necessary to strengthen the competitive position of the companies. In addition, a rise to the growing need for smart solutions to increasingly complex social issues. Innovation is now an essential element for successful entrepreneurship and growth of our prosperity and welfare.

Think global, Act local

A blueprint for innovation does not exist. Innovation policy is linked to global developments, and time and place. The present ecosystem is essential to the success of innovation. This means that policies should depend on the culture of the country or region where innovation must be encouraged and facilitated. Knowledge of the DNA of the area is, therefore, essential to be able to implement the policy.

Innovation power for companies

To maintain your position in the market depends on choices you make yourself, consciously and unconsciously. And not just you, but also all the people with whom you work. Internally and externally. Therefore, to increase your innovation power, is insight into your organizational processes and your customer important. Only focussing on results can make you blind to other opportunities and developments in the market. It requires entrepreneurship and leadership.

Wij help your company with positioning. Wij deliver new market strategies, ideas for new products and services and together we work on the development of an entrepreneurial and a solution based organization.


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42% of the entrepreneurs expects to adjust their business model in five years to stay relevant. (ING Innovation index, october 2015)

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