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An entrepreneur loves his job, takes pride in its workmanship and will deliver quality. But a successful entrepreneur is not only outstanding in his field, but also knows how to act in certain situations. This starts with doing, perseverance and self-knowledge.
In this training we will explore your entrepreneurial skills, what this means for your practice and how to develop them. We also look at the practice of entrepreneurship. What are your questions and what are your difficulties? In an active afternoon you get personal coaching and on the basis of the online platform and exercises adequate tools. You will make a big step forward with your development as an entrepreneur and your company.
  • Entrepreneurial skills.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurship?
  • The development of your enterprise.
  • Discover your preferred thinking style and how do you deal with them in collaboration with others.
  • Successful business in practice.
  • Including your own report of the online Entrepreneurs Scan.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY BASED. In our training we use the Entrepreneur Competence Model of Entrepreneur Scan. This model is based on four basic elements of a competence: Motivation, Personal Characteristics, Qualities and Knowledge & Experience.

  • INSPIRATIONAL AND ENERGETIC. Our facilitators are entrepreneurs themselves with a passion for helping others to develop their entrepreneurial skills to succeed in their business. Using their own experience and knowledge of many sectors to give you an inspiring, relevant and stimulating training.

  • RELEVANT. We use practical and applicable tools, which can be directly used in your own situation. We have the knowledge of the latest scientific developments in the field of the development of entrepreneurship and this is reflected in our training. We also offer specially for policy makers the latest knowledge in the field of SME policy.

[cl-review quote=”Participants were very enthusiastic after participating in the training ‘Discover the entrepreneur in you’. #thatiswhywedoit
Thank you!” author=”Jolanda Peters” occupation=”Chamber of Commerce ” type=”quote” layout=”modern” bg_color=”#03a9f4″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=””]

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