Risky Business

It is a misconception, that entrepreneurs are by definition risk-taking people. Research shows that they are not as risk-taking. When you ask yourself the question, what are you really willing to put at stake? But as an entrepreneur you do need some risk-taking. And without failures you are not experiencing any personal growth.
Risk taking is the ability to deal with uncertainty and willingness to take a loss. Successful entrepreneurs are active risk takers. Their goals are more focused on improving their life, rather than it is on preservation. They are willing to take the risk and invest in whatever the success of the product or service will be.
During this 4-hours program you become aware of your own risk aversion, to think it over, to experience it and to change it.
  • What is good or bad at taking risks.
  • Experience how it feels to take risks (We will not let you walk on broken glass…)
  • Learn how to overcome risk aversion.
  • Recognizing Idea killers and Idea boosters.
  • How to handle making mistakes and how to establish an entrepreneurial culture in your team or organization.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY BASED. In our training we use the Entrepreneur Competence Model of Entrepreneur Scan. This model is based on four basic elements of a competence: Motivation, Personal Characteristics, Qualities and Knowledge & Experience. Risk taking is one of the necessary competencies of the model for entrepreneurship.

  • INSPIRATIONAL AND ENERGETIC. Our facilitators are entrepreneurs themselves with a passion for helping others to develop their entrepreneurial skills to succeed in their business. Using their own experience and knowledge of many sectors to give you an inspiring, relevant and stimulating training.

  • RELEVANT. We use practical and applicable tools, which can be directly used in your own situation. We have the knowledge of the latest scientific developments in the field of the development of entrepreneurship and this is reflected in our training. We also offer specially for policy makers the latest knowledge in the field of SME policy.

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Sometimes you gotta say “What the F…”, make your move.
Joel, every now and then, saying “What the F…”, brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future.

Curtis Armstrong (Miles) and Tom Cruise (Joel) in Risky Business