SMEs and Startups

In Europe alone every year 150 billion euro is spend on encouraging entrepreneurship. The effects of the policy are not measured. The result is that the wheel is reinvented many times, public money is wasted, and what works does not get a structural embedding. It’s a shame.
In this 3-hour master class specifically for policymakers we share: the knowledge and science of facilitating entrepreneurs and encouragement of entrepreneurship, innovation and growth; the differences between the different types of entrepreneurs and what drives them; and we go into practice. You get the latest results and effects of entrepreneurship programs around the world to learn and apply in your own city, region or nation.
  • Discover the differences between SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups.
  • How do you stimulate and facilitate entrepreneurship as a government.
  • Change from supply-driven to demand-driven policy.
  • Learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • What research tells and learns us about facilitating entrepreneurship.
  • Dive into the examples of several incubator and SME programs with impact.
  • SCIENTIFICALY BASED. In our master class we use scientific research about the development of entrepreneurship, innovation, economic development and growth, and a entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • INSPIRING AND ENERGETIC. Our facilitators are entrepreneurs and policy makers themselves with a passion for helping others to develop a effective SME policy, that suits the city, region or nation. Using their own experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship, programs and initiatives to give you an inspiring, relevant and stimulating master class.
  • RELEVANT. We use practical and applicable tools, which can be directly used in your own situation. We have the knowledge of the latest scientific developments in the field of the development of entrepreneurship and SME policy and this is reflected in our master class.
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