Dutch Media Week
Service:   Strategic business plan
Sector:     Media and Entertainment
Initial Problem

A not for profit organisation organises a national media event once a year. They need to transform in a more professional organisation with a sustainable future.

Our Solution

CreativeMV is hired to write a strategic business plan. For this project we conducted desk research and we interviewed key players in the event business, local government and brand marketing.


CreativeMV validated the attractiveness of this Opportunity for our client, including the insight that the market was growing more quickly than expected. As a result, the client got the funding of the local government to transform into a professional organisation and is now benefitting from a new high growth in visitors and partnerships. In addition, we provided the client with several insights that helped to enable their success. First, we identified the values, their strength and weaknesses, and event as a festival, that made their identity and positioning clear. We suggested that they should first grow as an organization and in visitors and then partner with companies for sponsoring and funding. The outlined strategy and path for growth (organisation, marketing and financial) and necessary means to do so improved the odds of adoption.


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