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Terms like innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, city marketing, talent are common in policy documents. Only incorporating these concepts don’t work anymore. It’s like a company called service oriented or qualitatively. Why? As a customer you expect minimal service orientation, and you always want quality. It is not a given distinctive. With the development of policy this will not work otherwise. You want to build a viable and vibrant environment to flourish the economy, ensure sufficient employment and minimize unemployment, have a voice in a wider context and be recognized for who you are.

But how do you create meaningful policy? Not just. You can let go of all kinds of theories, we like to keep it clear. Do not believe the hype. Follow your own path and be aware of the so-called DNA of your city or region. Policy must be as a lubricant, it is bright, it brings things in motion and brings people together. That makes policy valuable.

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