Development of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs see opportunities and seize them. This is done for centuries and it has led to where we are today. Many books have been published with examples of success stories of famous entrepreneurs and their businesses. Success often does not come easily; courage, drive, perseverance and risk taking are often the conditions for success. Policy and education aimed at encouraging and developing entrepreneurship have a positive effect on both the quantity and the quality of entrepreneurship. Important to increase the chance of success and structural growth of businesses.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship

Why does entrepreneurship get so much attention? And what is associated with entrepreneurship?

  • Entrepreneurship is for many people inspirational.
  • Entrepreneurship is often linked to ( financial) success and ambition.
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity seem to belong together.
  • Entrepreneurship is seen as progress and a motor for the economy.
  • Entrepreneurship creates jobs.
  • Entrepreneurship leads to questions about ‘nature or nurture’ (congenital or acquired).
  • Entrepreneurship is inserted as a way to work.
  • Entrepreneurship also takes place within a company, called intrapreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship is doing, thinking, dreaming, daring and perseverance.
  • Entrepreneurship can be developed.

Policies, instruments and projects

There is much to say and to tell about entrepreneurship. Pure, unique, new, social, socially responsible, sustainable, innovative, whatever form you choose, in the end it all comes to the same thing. Entrepreneurship is mainly done from your commitment and push your own boundaries.

Over more than 15 years we develop instruments, policies and programs for the development of entrepreneurship of SMEs, start-ups and established entrepreneurs. These experiences have led to insights that work and are effective. We like to share these experiences with you. Are you looking for a new project, product or policy which develops entrepreneurship that works? Let’s connect .

CreativeMV supports cities, regions, nations, platforms, education and communities in policy and program development focused on start-ups, and the development of entrepreneurship and growth.

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Our expertise: Creative entrepreneurship

Working on a creative product, does not stop at its creation. The actual creation of a value on social, economic or cultural fields is associated with entrepreneurial behavior. We help governments, organizations, art academies and businesses in the creative sector to develop entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurship. Read more or contact us directly.

Project management

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