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The shopping experience of Mr. Selfridge

folder_openEntrepreneurship, Strategy
For some time now you can watch and follow Mr. Selfridge daily affairs through Netflix and some TV channels. The series is based on the biography “Shopping , Seduction & Mr Selfridge ‘ Lindy Woodhead. It is broadcast at a time when the current shopkeepers are called to change, to anticipate and be entrepreneurial. In…
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The rise of nation’s innovation

folder_openCreativity & Innovation, Economic policy, Innovation policy
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Today, the Global Index of innovation 2013 is released by INSEAD and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Despite the economic crisis in many countries in and outside Europe, nations innovation is growing. The index sums up the most innovative countries each year. They are researched on 84 indicators, grouped in five pillars: (1) Institutions, (2)…
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European agenda for Entrepreneurship 2020

folder_openEconomic policy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation policy
The European Committee asks for consultation on the agenda for the European Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. Since several decades Europe is trying to stimulate entrepreneurship in Europe. Research of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor defines a lack of startups comparing to for instance countries like the United States. More new businesses simply means more jobs and more growth…
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